Buxus sempervirens 'English Box'

A very popular and hardy variety of Box with glossy green leaves. English Box is one of the faster growing boxes and makes a great edging or border plant.

Ideal for pathways, defining garden beds, pots, planters and topiary.

Tray of 20 for $45

(2.25 each)

Or $2.50 each in 7.5cm pots 20-30cm tall


Photinia robusta

A very hardy and fast growing bushy hedging or screening plant.  Ideal to be kept between 1.5-4m.

The new growth is an attractive bright red color.

Plant Photinia approx. 1m apart for a hedge/screen.


approx 50-60cm tall in 15cm pots

Pittosporum silver sheen_cce3d8be63a03b238065f84168f19c1c

Pittosporum Silver Sheen

A very fast growing and hardy Pittosporum ideal for hedging and screening.  They have attractive silver/green small leaves.

Plant 1m apart for a hedge and trim reguarly to promote bushy growth.


40-50cm tall in 15cm pots


Potted Colour

We have a range of potted colour which changes throughout the year depending on the season.  Varieties we grow includes Violas, Pansies, Polyanthus, Gazaneas, Lobelia, Begonias and more.

6 for $10

Or $2 each in 10cm pots


Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select' or 'Ornamental Pear'

A very hardy and attractive ornamental pear with excellent autumn color, showy spring flowers and glossy green leaves.

Makes an excellent avenue, screen or feature tree.

We sell these at cheaper than wholesale prices.


approx. 2.5m tall in 33cm pots

Mop Tops 5_1123459483d120729dbf109f2ca6091b

Robinia 'Mop Top'

A very hardy standard ‘ball on the stick’ tree.  Great in pairs or in rows.

Mop tops have lush green foliage and grow quite fast.

We have these grafted at either 4 foot or 6 foot tall


4 foot or 6 foot tall in 25cm pots

Succulents Specials_3eb0170f3bbfb19ac716567927a5616a


A very hardy variety of succulents in a range of colours and styles.
Great for pots, features and dry areas.

4 for $10

Or $3 each in 7.5cm pots

nandina nana

Dwarf Nandina

Nandina domestica ‘nana’ “Dwarf Nandina”

We have some excellent, big and bushy dwarf Nandinas on special.  They are excellent quality at a great price!

$5.95 each

Nice and bushy in 15cm pots

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